About Us

Robinson’s Martial Arts Institute is nestled in the town of Tunkhannock, Pennsylvania located in the Endless Mountain region. Robinson’s Martial Arts Institute has been NEPA’s leader in Martial Arts education since 1986 offering Tang Soo Do training and a number of other programs for beginners and Martial Arts enthusiasts.

About Master Robinson

Master Robinson is a published author, lecturer, wellness coach and Master Teacher who has been studying the martial arts since 1976. He is an experienced instructor, a highly respected and dynamic teacher who has given numerous wellness self-defense and training clinics and seminars throughout the United States and around the globe.

He is an eight-time undefeated black belt self-defense champion and grand champion, and holds rankings in several martial art styles, including a sixth Degree Black
Belt in World Tang Soo Do and a fourth Degree Black Belt in Hapkido. Master Robinson is also trained in boxing, ju-jitsu and combat karate.

Rank achievements:

  • Cho dan 1st degree black belt in 1983
  • E dan 2nd degree black belt in 1986
  • Sam dan 3rd degree black belt in 1989
  • Sah dan 4th degree Master in 1994
  • Oh Dan 5th degree Senior Master in 2002
  • Yuk dan 6th degree International Master in 2010

Some of his other accomplishments include:

  • 1992: Listed in Karate International Magazine’s “Who’s Who in Martial Arts Elite“
  • 1993: Inducted into the World Martial Arts Hall of Fame as “Instructor of the Year“
  • 2004: Voted Region 8 “Instructor of the Year” by the World Tang Soo Do Association
  • 2006: Voted Dojang of the year by the World Tang Soo Do Association Region 8
  • 2009: Voted Dojang of the year by the World Tang Soo Do Association Region 8
  • 2010: Inducted into the Action Martial Arts Magazine’s Hall of Honors for his outstanding dedication and contribution to the martial arts.

Dedicated to a life of mental, physical and emotional wellness Master Robinson is an outstanding , well-rounded individual who offers a lifetime of experience to each of his students.

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